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Payment & Financing Options

Investing in Your Oral Health: Understanding Costs and Financing

Investing in dental treatments not only enhances your child’s smile but also contributes to his or her overall well-being. Our practice is committed to providing financial guidance to help you access the care your child deserves.

What Is the Investment / Cost of Treatment?

Dental program investments can vary, with treatments such as tongue, lip, and cheek tie releases, myofunctional therapy, and functional orthodontic solutions including ALF therapy and clear aligners. The programs range from $1,500 to $14,000.

How Can Financing Help Manage Dental Care Costs?

Financing options are available through third-party companies like Proceed Finance or CareCredit, with plans that could span from $100 to $250 per month, depending on the total cost of treatment. We will guide you through every option with one of our lovely treatment coordinators.

Tailoring a Financial Plan for Your Dental Needs

Each patient's needs are unique, and so are the financial solutions available. After your free in-person consult visit with Dr. Libby, you will discuss your specific case and options with our team to find a plan that aligns with your treatment and budget, ensuring you can achieve optimal oral and whole body health.

Let us help guide you with a consultation here at Centreville Family Dentistry.

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