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Functional Orthodontics - Airway Focused

What is Functional Orthodontics - Why Are We Doing It?

While traditional orthodontics often highlights cosmetic improvements, functional orthodontics centers on addressing the fundamental issues affecting teeth and facial structure. This method not only straightens teeth but also seeks to rectify the root causes of dental misalignment.

functional orthodontics

How is Functional Orthodontics Done?

Unlike conventional methods that may resort to extractions, functional orthodontics employs strategies like jawbone expansion to provide a comprehensive solution for overcrowding. This approach not only improves alignment but also supports better oral function and health.

Who Can Get Functional Orthodontics?

Functional orthodontics isn't limited by age—it benefits children and adults alike. It's a versatile solution that extends beyond mere teeth straightening, encompassing overall facial structure correction.

How Does Functional Orthodontics Differ from Traditional Approaches?

This method stands out by avoiding extractions, aiming for natural teeth alignment through jaw expansion, and offering long-term stability without reliance on retainers. Furthermore, it can alleviate related issues such as jaw pain and sleep apnea, enhancing life quality beyond a beautiful smile.

What Are The Long-Term Benefits of Functional Orthodontics?

Opting for functional orthodontics can lead to improved chewing function, relief from jaw discomfort, and lasting results that go beyond traditional orthodontic outcomes. This holistic approach not only perfects your smile but also contributes to a healthier, more balanced oral ecosystem.

Beginning Your Functional Orthodontics Path with Dr. Libby

At Centreville Family Dentistry, starting functional orthodontics includes a thorough evaluation of your dental alignment and jaw structure.
Dr. Libby will then tailor a treatment plan specifically for you, ensuring you're fully briefed on what to anticipate during your orthodontic transformation. Ready for a healthier and more beautiful smile? Dr. Libby and the team are here to guide you through the benefits of functional orthodontics every step of the way.

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